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Fabiana Fiore (born 12 July 1978) has an international background that imprinted in her, early on, a lifelong passion and curiosity for different cultures, peoples, and experiences. As an Italian and US citizen, fluent in Italian, English, Spanish and French, she has been able to bridge a gap between both Hollywood and Europe during her career.

She has acted in numerous theatre productions, short films and television series in Italy, Spain and the United States.

Born in Rome, Italy, Fabiana attended international schools where she grew to feel at home with children, like herself, of mixed nationalities. Her mother was of Jewish/Christian Orthodox descent and grew up in Romania. During the start of communism and the beginning of Ceaușescu's dictatorship, her parents fled the Eastern European country and sought refuge in the United States. After a lengthy journey through Rome and Paris, they settled in Queens, New York, where he mother studied French and Italian literature. Her father, originally from Rome, also emigrated to the US in the late 60s and was the founder of a succesfful business in fashion. Her parents lived in the US for several years before establishing a home in Rome. Though the academic year was spent in Rome, Fabiana grew fond of the exciting summers spent visiting her father and grandparents in the New York.

Fabiana has great respect for the arts and theatre, which she considers her first home. Coming from a school where the arts were especially encouraged, she always had aspirations to be a writer and a performer. She was able to delveop a writing career which took gave her the chance to work for the most renown news agencies in the world and, through her work in documentary, she traveled to India, Ghana, Lampedusa, and all over Italy. But knowing her heart was always in acting and bringing characters to life, after landing some roles in Italian television, producing and performing her own one woman show in Rome, and setting up an artist collective in Barcelona, she moved to Los Angeles to further pursue her craft. Perhaps due to the fact that Fabiana speaks five languages and has lived in many international cities such as London, New York, Barcelona and Rome, she has often been considered a chameleon in her work, with an extraordinary ability to transform and appear very different, unrecognizable. In fact, it is hard sometimes, upon meeting her, to pinpoint where she is from...