Ahora ya sé por qué ardió Troya


'Ahora ya sé por qué ardió Troya', ('Now I know why Troy burned'), is a play written by Sandra Bravo and directed by Helena Escuté. 

It premiered on 12 July 2016 to a full 180-seat audience space during the Nun-off theatre festival in Barcelona. 

I was part of the 4 member ensemble and played the  evocative character of 'Helena', a romantic, optimistic, free-spirited French-Belgian whose life choices take a sharp turn once she realizes that love is not exactly what she'd made it to be. An encounter with an Argentinian latin lover and his Catalan girlfriend also help her deepen her understanding of what relationships are all about. 

Language: Spanish and Catalan

Running Time: Approx. 70 minutes

Principal themes: polyamory, relationships, sex, jealousy, friendship, sense of humor, love, customs